Mayor of Kielce

Wojciech Lubawski

Born in Kielce on 22 April 1954, he finished the Technical Building School in Zgoda Street to continue his education at Kraków Technical University, where he graduated in Civil Engineering. He started his career as a foreman at a construction site near Przemyśl. For 20 years he worked for the Kielce company “Chemadin”, where he worked his way up through the corporate hierarchy, from a foreman, junior manager, senior manager, to the president of the company with over two thousand subordinates. In 1999 he became the governor of the Świętokrzyskie Province. While performing this function, he initiated a number of projects to promote the region, e.g. the first meeting of the diplomatic corps in post-war Poland outside Warsaw, concerts and national art competitions and exhibitions “The Holy Cross” (a traditional symbol of the region), renovation of the ecumenical Temple of Peace in the former Polish Catholic church, erection of the first in the world monument of Miles Davis, the first billboard campaign promoting the province in Poland. As the świętokrzyski governor, Wojciech Lubawski created the “Dream Team”, a group of young, ambitious and very talented people of the region. He originated a catalogue of firms operating in the metal and machine industry which was compiled and sent to 2000 major European companies. Among his other initiatives there were: the publication “Świętokrzyskie – the heart of the Polish building industry”, the creation of a team responsible for Investment Information Online, and the European Hall. Świętokrzyski Provincial Government won the title of Poland’s most customer friendly government office, and the certificate of Quality Management System according to the standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2001.

Winning in the second round of self-government elections in November 2002, Wojciech Lubawski was elected the Mayor of Kielce and sworn into office on 19 November 2002.


During presidency 2002-2006 from the Mayor initiative many investments were implemented which contributed to the promotion of Kielce. Within the years of 2004-2006 the city successfully applied for European Union funds. The most visual effects of the project that had been implemented at that time are, inter alia, the constructions of new sports facilities – one of  the most modern football stadium in Poland and  the Multifunctional Sports Centre, a few indoor swimming pools, the revitalization of the city centre, opening new investments sites of Kielce Trade Fair, opening a new residence for the Museum of Toys and Play.
In the years 2004-2006 Kielce was one out of 8 partner cities taking part in the international In 2006, during the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of terrorist attack on WTC towers in New York, thanks to the initiative of  the Mayor the “Homo Homini” monument was erected. Thus, every year Kielce citizens meet together in order to express their protest against terrorist attacks all over the world. Thanks to the involvement of the Mayor of Kielce many composition for Kielce oratory “Tue es Petrus” had been written.It is a tribute to the Pope, John Paul II.

In November 2006, during the self government elections, Mr Wojciech Lubawski gained one of the best outcomes in Poland (72% support) and for the second time he was elected the Mayor of Kielce.

In April, 2008 joint efforts of Kielce’s enthusiasts and the Mayor had brought into being Kielce Technology Park. Since the very beginning the mission of the new established institution is to generate the knowledge-based economy focusing on the competitiveness of  investment marketability of Swietokrzyskie region and creation of suitable conditions for giving an effective support to entrepreneurs oriented on new technologies.

Since the end of 2009 the largest project of the City of Kielce co-funded by the European Union had been implemented.„Development of the public transportation system in Kielce Metropolitan Area” contributed directly to overcome and/or eliminate numerous problems related to the transport infrastructure.

During the last but not least self-government elections that took place in November 2010, Mr Wojciech Lubawski  has won in the first round with the support of  58,66%  of the Kielce population  and he has become the Mayor of Kielce for the third term.

According to the European Commission decision dated July 24th 2014, Kielce received the approval for expansion of their communication project with additional tasks. The project was expanded by another 8 tasks concerning: construction of bus lanes, another bus termini and bus bays, another 36 electronic information display boards, construction of bus platforms, equipment of busses with visual monitoring system, implementation of Kielce City Card System.


In June 2014, Kielce City was honoured by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe with the European Diploma for its contribution to the development of the European idea. The municipality was rewarded also for its active promotion of the European ideal twinings, events, exchange, visits, etc.


In the first round of the October, 2014 self government elections, Mr Wojcech Lubawski came first, receiving 55,27% votes from Kielce citizens.


He has a wife - Małgorzata and two children: a son - Wojciech, and daughter – Małgorzata.


25-303 Kielce
Rynek 1, room 105

Kielce City Hall, Rynek 1, 25-303 Kielce
tel. 41-36-76-553, fax 41-36-76-552

Investor Assistance Centre

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